92% of infrastructure in industrial estates came to fruition Topics

The Small Industries & Industrial Parks Organization showed that about 92 percent of the approved infrastructure issues in industrial towns in the whole country has come to fruition.



About the implementation of the decisions of the Cabinet under the Small Industries trips industrial Vshhrkhay examined. According to available statistics, the Cabinet passed away 554 Dvravl two trips, act in the field of small industries Vshhrkhay 421 industrial and 120 run 100% of the remaining bill has gone up 85 percent physical progress. In other words, the successful resolutions of the Cabinet in the first round and Dvrdvm trips in order to achieve 98 and 88 percent.

Also, the 166 passed the third round trips in small industries Vshhrkhay Industrial signature president, over 70% of Small Industries & Industrial Parks carried over and the rest is in progress.

not provide.

In other words, Small Industries & Industrial Parks Organization Companies in this category served as the executive arm of the implementation of these resolutions and can take an effective step towards the decentralization of capital.

The decisions of these specialized areas, including the establishment and development of industrial estates, creating networks, sewage treatment plants, as well as credits in approved construction trips would probably say so.

The Cabinet has already approved 289 round trips of more than 98 percent of industrial estates in the area of ​​legislation is fully implemented.

Investors look at the results of actions taken on the decisions of the Cabinet approved 59 round trips represent the realization of the study and creation of industrial zones throughout the country.

Another small industry in industrial estates executions emphasize topics that are related to the budget approved under construction. Small Industries & Industrial Parks Organization Companies in round trips have been able to create and complete all funds received for infrastructure in the industrial towns of spend Vnvahy.

Even in the areas of reading, create and complete wastewater networks, wastewater is also one of the most basic infrastructure facilities estates and industrial areas are among the 68 resolutions approved by the government, 64 of which are fully implemented and 4 adopted by other 85% of the physical progress is being made.

Meanwhile, 75 percent of industrial clusters in the first round of approvals trips Cabinet also completely finished and the remaining 60% physical progress is applicable. In the meantime, more than 98% of trips in the first round of approvals has been achieved in this area.

Course of study, and completed more than 57 industrial estates to the approval of the Cabinet has approved that 60% of 90% is achieved. 40 percent of industrial clusters legislation is fully implemented Vmabqy physical progress of 50% is running.

According to the statistics, the implementation of legislation in the second round trips of more than 88 percent.

In the first round of approvals Knarajray Vdvr II looks impressive third round of approvals. The Cabinet approved sampling between 166 areas of study, completion and industrial parks, 95 percent more than 80 percent of its decisions are implemented.

Moreover, treatment of sewage networks in parallel Dvmsvbh previous trips legislation is fully implemented 34 percent and 66 percent physical progress of the remaining 80% being run. Additionally, more than 50 percent of funding infrastructure at this stage has been paid. According to statistics posted on the course of implementation of the decisions of provincial Azsfrhay over 74% have been reported.

including gas, water, electricity and ... Has been provided for the presence of domestic and foreign investors.


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