Food goes into the Persian Gulf from Iran via Qatar


'Hasan Khalil' of meat, vegetables, food products, fish, rice, edible oil, fruits and nuts, sauces, etc. as major items of imports mentioned in diameter.

Stating that the figure of $ 84 million compared to $ 25 billion import trade between Tehran and Doha, Qatar, in the past few years, expressed hope that the festival will promote the exchange rate remained Tasyrmsbty.

Items to be purchased this year.

The country attend.

He currently has a number of large companies Iranian representatives in diameter.

Qatar, a country in the Middle East and southern part of the Persian Gulf, and is mostly surrounded by water, just over 60 kilometers of the border with Saudi Arabia is the earth's House, an area of ​​11 thousand 436 square kilometers.

Qatar's GDP in 2010, 150.6 billion and a per capita income of $ 179 thousand has been declared in the country.


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