License private parties to purchase debt tops 20 trillion riyals for the fourth ministry

The parliament of the oil ministry's subsidiaries and affiliates, power, roads and urban development, industry, mining and commerce allowed its legal liabilities to the private individuals and entities to purchase up to 20 thousand million dollars.

Parliament also passed the act, get a lawyer for Vsyqhhay Blazl of facilitating borrowers in mortgage credit banks and financial institutions, and public and private agencies are forbidden, and Vsyqhgyrndgan only in the form of contracts to enforce security & zwnj , to operate.

The other Act of Parliament, the oil ministry's subsidiaries and affiliates, power, roads and urban and industrial, mining and trading of debt allowed by state law to individuals and entities other than the Minister of up to twenty thousand billion and approved by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance (Corporate Audit) transfer payments for debts or liabilities of the parties to pay the tax or to purchase. The purchase tax is subject to government approval.

Oil Ministry in the Assembly session was obliged to act in such a way that the discount applied to petrochemical plants in the comments section "b" of Article 1 of the Law of Subsidies to intermediate units, the complex petrochemical be spread.

The Parliament of the act required the government to review and approve all procedures, processes, and other similar cases, and also received inquiries executive management of the civil service under Article 5 and Article 5 of computing the general of natural and legal persons as well as any tariffs, duties, fees, curricula, and similar proprietary rights, and any certificate or permit or license for the export of funds and so are they.

Public Audit Act, Article 5 and Article 5 of the Law on Civil Service Administration sentence of this paragraph only about legislation of this paragraph, and at any authorized to obtain the natural and legal persons Call of.

, appears.

In another act of Parliament allowed the advertising rates for domestically manufactured goods increased in IRIB than 90 years.


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